Spring suit trends on the runway have promised a desire to go bold and to feel bold. While some designers chose to go with something new, menswear trends have largely looked upon ‘vintage’ styles for inspiration.

90’s Colors & Patterns

The 90s have been making a huge comeback in just about every aspect of aesthetic these days. From slap bracelets to Dunkaroos, side parts to baggy jeans, and the not-as-bold-as-the-80s colors, the Dixie cup teal and purple pattern that was everywhere has inspired new colored suits, graphic tees, and a plethora of different clothes and styles. 

purple suit

Soft-Shade Spring Suit Trends

The battleground between slim fit and slouchy comfortable has been fought on the spring season runways, but while slim fit suits are favored by most for its flattering cuts, sloucher and softer shapes may be a rising trend in day-to-day suit and semi-formal daily wear. Additionally, soft-shade spring suit trends are at their peak, with fairweather-friendly, soft pastel shades dominating the suiting landscape for both sexes and all genders. Rather than feminine pinks, however, this spring it’s all about pastel blues, greens, and greys. This earthy tone trend has become apparent not only in fashion, but also in home and interior design.

spring suit green

A Very Different Wedding Suit

The standard black tuxedo suit is still very much the classic, but why not try something new for your wedding? Bold suits were the number one trend of 2019 that was predicted to continue through 2020, but due to COVID a lot of perspectives changed. Thankfully with optimism of a bright and sunny spring in 2023, bold suits are back in. Bring on the patterns and colors not often seen during wedding photos! Consider your wedding’s location before making a decision as tweeds are likely not appropriate for tropical weddings nor are white linen suits appropriate for cooler weathers and formal events. 

If it’s still cold on your destination wedding, flannel suits and tweed suits are a great options! The Tweed trend for weddings has been around for years now. Tweed is one of those trends that just refuses to die out and pairs perfectly with rustic wedding venues. Flannels also work great for a soft, warm, luxurious. These two trends pair well together, with a tweed suit complementing a flannel vest. 

Whatever spring suit you choose for your 2023 wedding, C.E.Roth will be here to guide and advise your decision! 

spring suit trends

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