From the runway to trendsetting grooms in post-pandemic weddings, we’re excited for what 2021 brings to 2022 fashion and what new and exciting suit trends await in the new year!


Buttons are the star of the show when it comes to new cut designs as double-breasted suit jackets, tuxedos, and vests are making a comeback in the public eye. A classic cut notably worn by military of days gone by, a double-breasted suit gives a more official image to any wearer. Not into such a stiff look? Change up the material of the suit for a more casual look.

Looking for a compromise? A new jacket closing cut style has come from the new spring and summer 2022 collections on runways to grace adventurous fashion-minded individuals that falls somewhere between a single and double-breasted cut. Designers have shifted the buttons a couple of inches to the right, creating a nipped-in effect from the likes of Oil Sander and Dior. This cut looks great on many body types and is a great way to stand out at any event!

Another hot-button point of contention in formal wear fashion – fitted cut versus loose cut. Loose cuts are very popular in the haute couture world for fashion-forward individuals out there. Similar in looseness and certainly a callback to Zoot suits, a looser fit and excess of cloth in both jacket, pants, and sometimes skirts is a good fit for many who want to try something new.


A suit isn’t just for strictly formal occasions and depending on your plans, even a wedding can have a touch of flair that diverges from traditional. Classic print trends include striping and plaid, but the new school of suiting prints also include florals, abstract geometric patterns, and more notably microprints. Tiny patterns are discrete and bring instant luxury to groom swear as well as daily wear suit jackets. Patterns like herringbone, or tightly packed dots to give a dynamic look to your entourage coupled with a solid vest is a great way to color-block an entire outfit that doesn’t look too busy and shows a ton of personality.


Black, navy, and even white suits have been common in wedding spheres, with the former two being almost exclusive at formal events. That doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself – event dress code permitting. Men often complain that compared to women’s fashion, there isn’t much of a choice but those days are in the past. Speaking of navy suits, don’t be afraid to play with cooler colors as well. Navy isn’t the end-all-be-all of blue, with shades like Prussian Blue and a greyish blue there’s a breadth of shades ready to improve your look. Warm tones such as burgundy, chestnut and burnt orange, or even a mild yellow are also bringing color and freedom for suit-wearers t express their originality. These warmer shades are reminiscent of the 70s, continuing a vintage trend in anything from cinema to interior design and fashion.

Are you feeling bolder? Look for suits in a color that inspires you. If you have a tailor that you trust you may be able to custom order something very special in your favorite color, guided by professional advice and experienced hands to blend what you want with a timeless design that will make your event unforgettable. From a small date to a wedding,  you’ll always be sure you’re dressed your best!

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