Unlike other seasons, spring weddings are more susceptible to weather. Spring wedding season is when most couples might opt for an outdoor wedding instead of an indoor venue, but what can you do to make sure you’re comfortable independent of weather conditions?


Your choice of fabric goes a long way in a suit. If the wedding is on a mild spring day, lightweight linen is your best friend. Linen is a natural material made from soft flax fibers that have been the staple of garments since medieval times. Suits in linen are breathable on near days and air-dry easily in the event of a light drizzle. Linen suits are also great for avoiding the dry cleaners and are readily machine washed.

If the event is indoors or falls on a cooler day, wool should be your fabric of choice. Wool keeps you warm, is breathable, and comes in a variety of weights. Lightweight wool used in suiting won’t have you sweating during your first dance or during pictures with your wedding party so leave the backup deodorant and shirt at home.

Are you looking for something different? Something luxurious? Try the rare and underused silk gabardine suit. These suits feel luxurious and a matte finish cloth makes them perfect for spring weather. Natural silks are also very breathable for your comfort.

The Right Suit For A Spring Wedding 1Spring Wedding Colors

Gray, blue, navy, and black. The standard suit colors look great one everyone, but spring is the season of color, joy, and rebirth – why not choose a bolder color or pattern? Light blue suits are some of the best choices for you and your wedding party. Spring weddings mean that you should feel free to explore color choices reminiscent of spring.

Not into colors? A white skinny suit with some light patterning can elevate your outfit, accessorize with a fresh floral boutonniere and a floral tie to break the monochrome and welcome new beginnings in your wedding, special event, and life! Suits are no longer the boring, stiff fashion statements of the past. Get creative!

Are you ready to bring style to your next wedding? Whether you’re a guest or it’s your day to celebrate, CE Roth can help you stand out! From design ideas for your wedding colors to tailoring and measurements, contact us today for your one-stop suit shop!

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