The warm weather is upon us, and so is the wedding and party season! Contact CE Roth for all of your formalwear needs! Don’t be the eyesore of the party, show up with a chic suit or tux and take the gathering by storm. Read on to learn a bit about our services!

Tuxedos – We supply the finest brands of tuxedos to make you look the absolute best for your special occasion. Whether you are at a wedding, getting married, or speaking at a gala, we have the tux for you guaranteed!

Suits – A simpler and more modern alternative to tuxedos, a slim-fit tailored suit is a wonderful option from work to receptions. You will steal the show with our high-quality products and will also save money due to our competitive pricing!

Accessories – No formal attire is complete without cufflinks, shoes, and vests. We offer all of these wonderful additions and promise to deliver the same quality to every detail of your new outfit. We will work to find the perfect blend of style for any occasion and will make you stand apart from the pack every time.

Dry Cleaning – We also provide a full range of cleaning for both men’s and women’s clothing. There is no point in having a suit that is to die for if you aren’t going to maintain it professionally. We do all of our cleanings in-house and always at a competitive price!

Thank you for reading this blog! We hope you found it useful. Be sure to visit our website to browse our products and to schedule your next fitting. We are here for you all year to make your special event the best it can be and to make you the envy of every party you attend!

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