Wrapping Up 2021

This year we were proud to be part of making many happy memories while ensuring you look your best as the world returns to normal. Since 1904 we have thrived and are glad to still be serving our community to this day despite hard times. We have endured with class and perseverance through much then, and we will continue to endure now. The styles may change over the years, but you can count on C.E Roth to stay exactly where we are doing what we do best – helping you make a statement wherever you go, looking great in formal wear!

Our 2022 

We continue to watch for oncoming trends as 2021 wraps up and 2022 is hot on its way. A few trends that excite us are loosened-up suits that still look sharp while adding more options as far as color and designs. Three-button suits are making a comeback in light cotton and linens for low-key appeals, dressing down formal wear as most workplaces bring back their people but loosen their harsh formalwear requirements for everyday uniforms. From Italian designers, we’re seeing formalwear pops of color in bright magentas and yellows, which could be all the rage for spring and summer wedding season! 

We would like to thank our customers for your continued patronage. Despite a tough year, you’ve come through to keep us going and we are grateful that we can continue to be a centerpiece of Allentown history until now and for many years to come. Here’s to a great 2022!

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