Formal events are back, but you’ve been wearing sweatpants the whole year during quarantine. Don’t worry, we don’t judge! C.E. Roth Formalwear is here to help with a crash course on traditional staples and the latest formalwear fashions.

Tux vs. Suit

What’s the difference? When suits were worn daily, a tuxedo was meant to elevate one’s look beyond the everyday look, but the biggest difference between suits and tuxedos is the use of finer materials such as silk and satin. A tuxedo is meant to be worn to something special such as black tie events, galas, and weddings (depending on dress code).

When in doubt, it’s best to see the event’s invitation and look for a dress code. Sometimes tuxedos are non-negotiable, but often a suit is a sound option for weddings, funerals, and special events. Despite its formal reputation, suits are more casual and offer a variety of options to express oneself in materials, patterns, and colors.  A suit jacket is also versatile and able to be dressed down for an everyday event such as dates or going out on the town.

During spring and summer pastel, floral, and white suits are popular with a wide variety of textiles such as linen and cotton that won’t leave you sweating. In the colder months of fall and winter, however, you’ll want to bundle up and you still have more choices than just wool. One of the hottest trends of fall &winter 2021 includes textured fabrics like tweed, wool, corduroy, and twill.


You’ve chosen between a suit or a tux, but what about accessories? Usually, tuxedos are kept simple, but you have a lot more options than you think – especially with suits.


On their own or as part of a three-piece suit, vests add flair when it comes to self-expression in suits and tuxedos. A finer material such as silk works with either garment and can be just enough for a pop of color to break an all-black outfit. Visit the C.E. Roth accessories page to see all our vest color options.


While ‘black-tie’ is often literal, there is often room for choice in the material of your tuxedo choices. Silk is the traditional choice, but also consider wool and velvet.

For suits, ties are wonderful chaos of color and options. A recent, popular addition includes knit and crochet ties in various solid and combined colors. You can always opt for a floral print to brighten up a spring or summer look.


Often the hardest part of an outfit to choose, tuxedos and suit shoes vary greatly. Tuxedos require a classical pairing with leather shoes – shiny or not – but have some leeway with cap toe and loafers for style.

With suits, however, depending on the season and dress code you have a lot more freedom. Spice up your look with chukka, combat, and Chelsea boots or choose smart solid colored sneakers. When in doubt, look for semi-classical oxfords in tweed for a unique, modern look.

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